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At Enkomax, Inc. it is our mission to support businesses and individuals in the establishment of most innovative LED technology available. Because we deal directly with manufacturers rather than third parties, we can offer you the lowest prices on custom LED solutions and help you make a switch to LED lighting.

Whether you are a homeowner looking to cut down your energy costs, a business looking for energy efficient lighting sources, or a B2B customer looking for a good wholesale program, Enkomax was planned with you in mind. You can be confident that, with our direct relationship with manufacturers and our devotion to innovation, we have the global resources and knowledge to meet your need for the best systems at the best prices.

Enkomax, Inc is an exclusive distributor for LED products made by SQI (Sequoia LED Lighting). SQI produces wide range of LED products for home and commercial use. It is known for superior quality and innovative technology.

Join us in our quest for efficient, well-designed products and innovative technologies that pave the way for a more comfortable today and a brighter tomorrow. Enkomax is committed to your online security, and we have taken all precautions to guarantee that your experience at our site is safe and secure. Browse through our products and order confidently, knowing that we are looking out for your well-being. At Enkomax, we are dedicated to open communication and accountability. If you have questions for us, concerns or general feedback, we would love to hear from you. Customer service is the core value of Enkomax, so please contact us

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